What People have said about Lineage Search

Unknown Parentage


You provided photos and stories about my Father that I never thought I would ever see.  I didn't even know who he was. Thank you so much!

GGGG Grandfathers Bible


Seeing 60 years of entries of MY FAMILY in the back pages of a bible from 1754 just makes me feel great.  To know I am connected to all those people who came before.  It's wonderful!

Past Discoveries


I had no Idea that I had a Grandfather from another  colony just around the corner from Plymouth Plantation. In 1630 there were not many Pilgrims here.

A Rake and A Scoundrel

 I guess we all have those people in our past that also make up part of who we are. But they are such a small part of my hundreds and thousands of really good ancestors. 

Thanks, but don't tell me about any more!

Famous Relatives

 Who knew I was related to the guys who started the Pony Express!    

Surprising Facts

  I have a First Cousin four times removed that bought Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home,  from the Confederate States of America  for $85,000.00 at auction! 

Too bad we don't still own it today.