My Interest In Genealogy

My name is Steve Terry. I have been interested in Genealogy and Family History Research for thirty years. My family has visited Missouri farms and graveyards. We've traveled to pubs, churches, and museums in Ireland.  We've explored Iowa and Big Sky cemeteries.  We've even searched out long-forgotten buildings in New York City. My wife’s roots are in Scotland.  Our next major family tree expansion project will take us on a trip of discovery.

I completed the Certificate Program at Boston University in Genealogical Research. I enjoy helping others make discoveries.  Personally experienced the joy of discovering several previously unknown cousins from the analysis of genetic test results. 

Discovering the Unknown

The best part of Genealogy is discovering a family detail that surprises everyone.  Those wow moments of discovering the unknown, unraveling a family history, or fitting a missed piece of a story in the puzzle are why I am so fascinated with the practice.

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Usually find just what my clients are looking for, but sometimes I find something they least expect.  These missing link in the Family Tree are usually the most interesting stories of all.

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